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Anti Microbial
These patterns are treated with an Antimicrobial Finish

Due to the variances of your monitor, actual colors may vary. Samples are available upon request.



X-Static is a continuous & permanent silver antimicrobial fabric protection. The antimicrobial performance of X-Static silver fiber has been validated by prestigious institutions throughout the world. Cubicle curtains made with X-Static fibers are flexible with the natural look and feel of traditional polyester privacy curtains. X-Static is also a registered antimicrobial agent with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). X-Static is not a surface treatment. Silver is irreversibly bound to the polymer so it becomes a physical part of the fiber. X-Static is permanent and performance does not diminish over time. In fact, X-Static cubicle curtains have been tested after 200 commercial launderings with virtually no reduction in performance. The goal of the antimicrobial X-Static silver fiber is to reduce environmental contamination on textile materials and the risk of cross-contamination to patients through. X-Static is the leader in antimicrobial fabric technology & is clinically proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on textile surfaces such as cubicle curtains.

Other cubicle patterns on our website not shown here can usually be treated with a Antimicrobial finish.

* Nylon Mesh is not antimicrobial.

Nylon Mesh (#50, 20" Wide, ½” Hole)

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